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The process


The process

Step 1: site preparation

We have the experience and skills necessary to install electric netting even in the toughest terrains. The step usually involves clearing a path for the fence, connecting our portable fence energiser, and setting up our fence alarm system and cameras. Depending on the site, we may also remove by hand some specific weeds that are toxic to goats.

Step 2: the goats move in

The goats are moved into the fenced area and make it their mission to eat all the vegetation they can reach. They are highly concentrated in an area smaller than an acre until all the vegetation is eaten. They are then moved to the next area until the whole project/property is cleared.

Step 3: finishing up the job

At this stage, the goats and fences are removed. We can either leave the land as is (green vegetation removed) or go one step further and manually or mechanically remove remaining unwanted vegetation. This can include trimming branches, mulching, cutting trees, etc.

Additional services


We recommend cutting all tree branches within 2 meters from the ground, to help prevent a surface bushfires from turning into a crown fires. We can offer chainsawing services at very competitive rates while the goats are on site.


Once the goats have eaten all the green vegetation, you are left with brown vegetation that is easier to fully remove and mulch. We can bring a medium size mulcher to leave you with a cleaner finish and either remove the mulch or leave it on site.


If some areas aren't suitable for the goats to clear, we can offer brush cutting services with a heavy duty brush cutter at a competitive rate, while the goats are on site.

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