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Natural tendency to eat weeds

Goats aren’t like other grazing livestock. Thorns and plants that cows and sheep don’t like are a delicacy for goats. Properly managed, goats choose the forbs (weeds) or woody plants 85% of the time, compared to 13% for grasses.

Pollution free

Unlike bulldozers or sprays, goat grazing is an ecologically beneficial way to clear unwanted weeds or brush and promote the growth of native grasses. And when the goats are finished, they don’t chew up the land or leave behind synthetic chemicals that run into waterways—or into your drinking water.

Bushfire prevention

Reducing the fuel load (vegetation) is the most important step for property owners to reduce the risk of bushfire. In addition to grazing everything on the ground, goats will eat vegetation to over a meter high, which further reduces the risk of a brush fire turning into a canopy fire.

Long-term weed control

Rome wasn't build in a day, and having the goats only once may not be enough. A common approach is to bring the goats in each year for 3-5 years, with the landowner managing the land after the goats leave each year. It may take a few seasons to get your weeds fully under control. But by eating the weeds and the seeds, goats can significantly diminish your noxious weed problem.

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