Can I hire just a few goats instead of the whole herd?

Because the goat herder checks on the herd every day or 2, having the herd split into several locations wouldn’t be manageable. So even if you only need to clear a small area, we will bring the entire herd and just have the job finished quicker.

What type of fencing do you use? Will the goats escape?

We use very specific electric netting that had to be ordered from the US. It is the same netting used by most goat rental businesses in North America, with the extra benefit of being a positive-negative fence, which doesn’t rely on proper grounding for the shock to occur. The goats have been trained to respect this fence and escapes are very unlikely. If they do occur due to a fallen branch or other external factors, the goat herder will rush to your property to get the goats contained and the fence back up.

Is this electric fence dangerous?

We strongly advice that you avoid touching the electric fence, or much like the goats, you will learn a painful lesson. It is not lethal, but definitely not very nice. We use a high quality fence energiser with a lithium battery to ensure the right volts and joules are being delivered day and night to keep the goats in and predators out.

Do you have a livestock guardian dog that stays with the herd?

Not at this stage, but we are definitely investigating this option for properties where wild dogs could be a problem.

Will the goats eat lantana?

They are able to eat lantana, as long as they also have other other things to eat as well. We wouldn't force them into a fenced area with 100% lantana, but if it is taken in stages they will eventually clear it.

Can I pat or feed the goats?

You can pat them only in the presence of the goat herder, so that the fence can be turned off momentarily. You are however never permitted to feed them anything, even if it feels like you are being nice to them. Feeding them is used to train specific behaviours, so only the goat herder can feed them specific feed in specific conditions. 

Do we need to water them?

The goat herder will take care of topping up their water regularly and setting up their minerals. So you don't have to worry about the goats at all; everything is taken care of.

Will the goats eat my garden?

If they have access to it, absolutely. So any areas where vegetation needs to be protected will be discussed so they can be fenced out properly.

Will there be any baby goats?

Babies stay home until they are weaned, typically around 8 to 12 weeks. So the youngest goats we might bring on jobs would be 2 months old.

Will there be any pregnant goats?

Yes, but not within their last month of pregnancy. We give them different feed and keep a close eye on them when they are getting close to delivery, so they wouldn't be brought on jobs.